I was talking to the talented blogger Chelsea Fuss, of Frolic, a week or two ago about blogging and American-made stuff, big surprise I know. Anyways, I was complaining about big box stores who blatantly copy the designs of small American-makers. I was full of righteous indignation over my cup of tea at Heart Coffee. The image cracks me up, I’ve become such a type. Anywhoooo, Chelsea mentioned she had recently decided to only cover locally made product, and skip the chain store brands on her site. The point is people, other than just me, care about good design and supporting the MUY talented people who make stuff here in our very own country. In the conversation Anthroplogie came up. To shop there or not to shop there. And then I remembered that I have purchased a couple of things there recently that are indeed made here.

I wanted to share with you my favorite American-Made at Anthropologie pieces for two reasons:

1. They’re pretty.

2. They’re also handmade in the U.S.A.

Did that seem obvious, maybe the numbering wasn’t necessary?

So right about now you’re thinking, wow, Jasmine’s really dedicated to sourcing the best in modern, American-made design. She must have spent hours toiling over this post. Nope. I simplyΒ searched “handmade in the U.S.A” and voila, all of the applicable product showed up (the origin of each piece is listed under the Details section on the left). Some of the product is Anthropolgie’s private label, and some, which I love even more, are from small, boutique makers like The Good Flock, Cold Picnic, and Jill Malek for Sissy & Marley.

Wouldn’t you love it if they made this info more prevalent on the site? I think we should all tweet out little hearts out about such a wish and see if we can’t stir the pot. Look at us, getting all social activist driven and stuff.

And don’t forget to head over to Anthropologie to curate your own collection of American-made goodies.



Anthropologie Midnight Ikat Chair

Anthropologie aurora lamp and Cold Picnic

Anthropologie Woodland Canopy Bed

Anthrolpologie Pyrite Lamp and Giragge Wallpaper

Anthropologie Orianna Sofa

Anthropologie wire sculpture and rhys chair



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