Robert & Jocelyn Rahm are Portland-based artists and designers who had a vision for a hub where artists, makers and beautiful-thing-lovers unite. Beam & Anchor was created out of that vision: a home to makers, artists, upholsterers and carpenters who work in the top floor of Beam & Anchor’s premises. The bottom floor houses B&A’s retail space which features an evolving selection of carefully curated items, including custom-made furniture, art, ceramics, jewelry, home goods, and beautifully crafted items for travel, work, and living. In addition to running the shop, Robert designs and builds furniture and Jocelyn is a painter. They collaborate often and are in a constant running dialogue about the projects they’re working on for the shop and their clients. The scope of their design work includes custom furniture, home interiors, and work environments. Their philosophy is based on the belief that the environments we dwell in and the objects we surround ourselves with carry meaning and have a powerful impact on our daily experience of living. This basic premise drives the buying for the shop as well as their design approach. The ultimate goal is to provide the customer and client with products and spaces that are highly resonant and personal: a reflection of who they are and what they value.


Beam & Anchor, Phloem Studio, Studio 78, Wood and Faulk, Lilith Rocket, Caravan Pacific, Jocelyn Rahm, Revive Upholstery and Design, Turnco, Portland Grower Company