Four to six weeks feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Let me back up…..

Loverboy and I have been taking the ol’ proverbial swing at baby-making for, oh, ten years. Some years more intentionally than others. And when I say intentionally, I mean ovulation testing, artificial insemination-ing, hormone-shot-ing, IVF-ing, and of course good ol’ love-making just for kicks. And still no baby, and more waiting.

After much deliberation, we decided to change our waiting game. The name of that game is Baby-Momma (that’s not-so-fancy forΒ we’re going to use a surrogate). That was in December. It’s almost May.

Since then we’ve found OBM (that’s an acronym for Our Baby Momma). Yesterday, after four to six weeks of waiting we received the good news that our Doctor has approved her – to go ahead and get further approved. Yup. More waiting. UGH!!!! FOUR TO SIX WEEKS of intense testing to ensure she’s equipped to be OBM. So more waiting. I know intellectually 4-6 weeks in the larger scope of 10 years of riding the infertility-train is fairly insignificant. But somedays I just don’t want to wait. There, I said it. I just don’t want to wait. However, in the wacky world of infertility, waiting really is the name of the game. Patience, which is not my virtue, is required and tested, repeatedly. Apparently the universe is telling me something. I’m listening Ye-Old-Universe, lay it on me.

Are you a lady (or man) in waiting for something right now? Me too. I get it. In the mean time…..let’s get out and do something good, or fun. Or both.

I’ll report on my ability to follow my own advice on Monday.




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