The Modern Home Tour hit Portland this weekend. It went something like this: Get prepped for the rain. Run from my car, through the rain, to a house. Look, adore, admire. Run back through the rain to the car. Repeat. Oh, I forgot there was a break for lunch/beer in there somewhere.

I did have to bow out early, so my talented friend Liz, who happens to be an interior designer with Weedman Design Partners, snapped some photos for me in my absence. Her photos are beauts. I may have to take her on all of my Made & State tours.

First stop on the tour is a house designed by Walker Templeton of Sera Architects. He also happens to be a good friend of mine. For some reason 80% of my friends either attended the tour with me, designed a house on the tour, or own a house on the tour. I’m not making this up. Clearly I don’t really have a ton of friends.

So Walker bought a sad sack of a house in NE Portland, tore it down (he literally tore it down, with his bare hands, he’s an animal), and designed this little honey in it’s stead. He used quite a bit of American-Made materials, such as the stainless steel counter in the kitchen, or the custom wood doors throughout. I love his use of white stucco, gray metal wrapped roof, with a dash of warm wood for good measure. Plan on seeing more of Walker’s work in the future, he’s so, so talented. Plus I love his wife and kid.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Portland modern home touring!




SERA Architects House-Numbers

Sera Architects Stairs-and-Rug


Sera Architects Bench

Sera Architects Sofa-and-Art

Sera Architects Fieldwork-Flowers

Sera Architects Sofa-and-Lamp

Sera Architects Wire Chair

All photos taken by Liz Morgan, except for the full house exterior shot, takes by 22 Pages Photography

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