When I sat down to work on this post I have visions of witty, informative grandeur dancing in my head. And then I proceeded to accidentally delete the entire photoshop document TWICE. Which means I had to start all over again, twice. Needless to say, by 1:00 a.m. my lust for a lyrical life had dwindled……..

So while I don’t have nearly as much verbal information for you, I do have a beautiful visual display of 8 of my favorite American-Made Wall Sconces right now. From pastel barn light sconces to brass sconces with jeweled stones attached, I’ve got it all. Don’t youΒ just love when someone else has done all of the work, and you get to reap the rewards? Well, welcome to your day of reaping….

And while you’re busy perusing, I’m off to work on a photo shoot for an interiors project I worked on with Holly of JHL Design. If you play your cards right I might even share some behind the scenes moments with you……which mostly involves me trying to schlep things around in inappropriately high heels.

* See the Get It Guide below for more information on these sconces…..




Get-It Guide! Made: State:
1 Tryon Sconce Cedar & Moss Oregon
2 Brass Isaac Sconce Schoolhouse Electric Oregon
3 Modern Single Electric Sconce Dunes & Duccess Connecticut
4 Buddies Triangle Sconce Apparatus New York
5 Atomic Wire Guard Sconce Barn Light Electric Florida
6 Caden Sconce Matthew Studios California
7 Grandview Single Sconce Rejuvenation Oregon
8 Delta IV Sconce Rich Brilliant Willing New York

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